As Nation Falls Apart, Barack Obama Goes Kite Surfing With Billionaire Buddy Richard Branson

While the carefully woven fabric of unity unravels between brothers of America, former President Barack Obama is nowhere to be found.

In an unbelievable display of aloof haughtiness, Obama is not rallying his former constituents to support the Presidency of Donald Trump.  He is instead gallivanting about the globe, hang-gliding with his billionaire buddy Richard Branson.

It is reasonable the Barack and Michelle Obama took a family vacation immediately after the democratic transition of presiential power of Obama to Trump, but now it well nearing a month and Obama has not lifted a finger to tell everyone to be nice to Trump and just give him a chance to make his way through the White House and setting policy for America and all the lesser nations in need of American authority in the world again.

It is important that after Obama finishes jetting the globe with his elite, out-of-touch billionaire friends that he comes back to reality in America and helps make the nation great again.

What do you think?

Written by Richard Patrick Petersen

Richard Patrick Petersen is a conservative Republican who believes it is time to Make America Great Again.


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