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Kansas Man Yells ‘Get Out Of My Country’, Then Allegedly Shoots People For Being Indian At An Olathe Bar

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The community of Olathe, Kansas, is one of the latest sites of an unprecedented modern-day outbreak of targeted aggression against people of non-Caucasian descent.

One man remains hospitalized after he tried to defend two Indian men — Alok Madasani and Srinivas Kuchibhotla — from a gunmen who allegedly yelled ‘Get out of my country!’ before opening fire and trying to murder two men in cold blood.

Kuchibhotla, an engineer with tech-giant Garmin, was fatally shot.  The bystander who tried to help prevent the assault (a 24-yea-old man named Ian Grillot) and Madasani remain in critical and serious condition, respectively.

The nation of India — whose government expressed willingness to work with President Trump’s troubled administration — is now reeling and demanding justice and answers.

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