Shaquille Oneal’s Childish Attacks on Javale McGee During Shaqtin’ A Fool Need to Stop

There is a big, World War I trench line between obsession and making pithy observation of someone’s day-to-day job performance.  A great example of this fact involves former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal and his new TBS Sports segment Shaqtin’ a Fool.

In the segment, O’Neal regularly analyzed bloopers committed by players during the prior week, lampooning them in a humorous, sportsy way that is to be expected for such fare.  The problem with the segment is that it seems Shaquille O’Neal has taken his love for theatrical themes to a place where scripting and a person’s reality collide.

For 6 years now, O’Neal has delighted in using McGee as his crème de la crème example of a NBA ‘bum’ and clown.  Yes, McGee has missteps and his impressive 7 feet + wingspan leaves him looking awkward.  But just watch this compilation video created by a YouTube user and the joyous thrill in O’Neal’s voice honestly goes from a sports analyst doing his job to that of a thirteen-year-old kid delighting in seeing the exchange student in the cafeteria and laughing at his funny accent.   Everyone, let’s point and laugh, it’s Javale McGee!

Shaq is doing it all. He’s using the old NBA jam voice for exclaiming the name Javale McGee. He’s got his buddies rounded up and brought into his now ritualistic take down of the ‘exchange student’. And who knows, it could all be a buy-in for ratings for all involved parties, but it’s this type of antics that are just over the line. ‘Tragic Bronson’ is just about as funny as the time Fox News tried to match a satire-esque version of the Colbert Report, which in all honesty, doesn’t make sense in the first place.

In all honesty, everyone can make mistakes.  You can forget to shoot your second free throw:

You can flop better than Divac:


Now, since battles are fought via Tweets, there is an entire Twitter battle going on and on, with McGree using fleshy emoticons and Shaq retorting with dicey commentary such as ‘BumMcee’, surely on par with dubbing someone Tragic Bronson.

If Shaquille O’Neal truly is a good sport and wants to continue riding the wave of Javale McGee being his skit’s bread and butter, he should challenge McGee to a rap battle.  Shaq loves performance art, McGee actually freestyle raps.  It is the only way to quash this beef.

If Shaq wins the battle, he can continue on with his sophomoric targeting of McGee’s NBA career.  If Shaq loses, he has to make a mixtape of himself messing up and do a self-critique on Shaqtin’ a fool (his free throws should be enough for a video), apologize to his buddy and come to numerical agreement on the number of times McGee can make Shaqtin’ a fool in a calendar season.

The stakes are high, but will Shaq be the true Big Man and challenge McGee to a rap battle?

What do you think?

Written by Brad Wembley

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