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Kellyanne Conway Sits In Lusty Pose in Oval Office, Social Media Firestorm Erupts

One of the perks of being the Commander-in-Chief is having the ability to surround yourself engaging and attractive secretaries and assistants.  President Bill Clinton infamously took a foray with Monica Lewinsky and there is the story of JFK with intern Mimi Alford.

The President of the United States is the most big-league job one can obtain, so it is no surprise that the president would employ a fiery, feisty and fun blonde bombshell like Kellyanne Conway.  Conway is the right mix of fit and playful, the perfect combination of being ‘easy on the eyes’ all while business professional.  This is the type of employee that helps a president get through four years.

[adinserter name=”Artvar”]So the photograph of her sitting in a tensed-thigh pose while President Trump is meeting with a roomful of probably upset African-American gentleman is perfect.  Her very pose is easing the tension of all those men in the room, it is a great calculated move.

Yet there are journalists and citizens calling Conway ‘disrespectful’ and showing ire that she is sitting in a suggestive pose with her feet and heels in the chair during a business meeting, her taught red wine dress hugging her gym-perfected physique with perfection.

There are truly no victims here.  The Wall Street Journal suggests that there would have been outrage if Condoleeza Rice or Valerie Jarrett sat in such poses, and yes, they likely would have complained.  That does not mean everyone would have complained and that the secretaries couldn’t have been a bit more eye-easy on the job to help their Commanders-in-Chief have a more visually engaging day at the office.

What do you think?

Written by Brad Wembley

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