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Trump Demands Rollback of Obama’s EPA Clean Water Act, Return of ‘Orange Rivers’ Expected

Donald Trump plans to destroy the Clean Water Act provisions put into place for the EPA during the Obama administration’s time in office.

[adinserter block=”1″]President Trump is expected to sign an executive order on Tuesday, March 1, that will roll back President Barack Obama’s major regulations to protect American waterways. President Trump’s executive order will serve as the spearhead to destroying the 2015 Waters of the United States rule.

Legal analysts note that Trump’s executive order will initially only be a boisterous immature shout into the zephyr, no more effective than a Tweet or a Spicer spin session.  The problem is that the Executive Order is to serve as the Trump’s Administration’s destructive beachhead to destroying the EPA and environmental regulations that will let businesses dump cancer-causing chemicals into waterways, the air and Earth.

The clean water rule was initiated in 1972 under the Clean Water Act. The action was aimed to protect America’s waterways and environment from being used as an industrial wasteland for toxic sludge and chemicals. The Obama Administration finished the rule in the Spring of 2015, effectively giving the United States authority to limit the levels of pollution in any major body of water.

Researchers confirmed the toxic orange sludge was not the result of President Trump skinny dipping in the river.

In 2015, the Animas River served as a prime example of what sort of environmental disaster can take place. Local jurisdictions opted to pond-up toxic wastewater from a local mine, fearing lost tourism. The EPA was called in to work with an organized LLC to help remediate the situation after the locals got in too deep with avoiding the natural toxic build up of working a mine.

The entire situation resulted in a fiasco where an entire river turned orange with toxic sludge.

If anyone knows of someone who suffered from cancer, which can be caused by carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals), President Trump’s actions should be closely monitored.

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Written by Allison Coffman


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