With Donald Trump, Speech Words Mean Nothing and Action Means Everything

President Donald Trump delivered his well-rehearsed 40-day speech to the United States Congress last night.  Amidst mixed reviews of the speech’s content, some social commentators agree that Trump’s address seemed less boisterous and corrosive as prior engagements, a feat for the 70-year-old who has had an embattled first 40-days in office and suffers one of the lowest new presidential approval ratings of all time.

[adinserter block=”3″]The main concern with President Trump’s speech is that it was a unique blend of demagoguery and rhetoric, all mixed with tones of nationalistic pride meant to resonate with his core supporters and anyone else willing to go along for the ride.  The attempted unifying points of the speech pointed to common enemies — radical Islamic terrorists and illegal immigrants — and to use ‘faith in God’ as a unifying factor to destroy and vanquish all who do not buy into the nationalistic hivemind.

While conservatives in Congress are happy to go along with Trump in order to keep passing an agenda that was at times stymied by Obama, the inherent danger is that Trump is definitely a man of action and so far his actions are bending the limits of democracy all while appeasing a core of followers who may be just as blind as a standard German Christian circa 1939.

Talk of unity is good, but as President George W. Bush pointed out, seeking to destroy the free press is outright dangerous.   The sharp increase in outright racism and division, spurned by the words and actions of Trump himself, are creating an environment that destroys intricate and delicate fabric of unity the makes a diverse nation such as the USA possible.

What do you think?

Written by Allison Coffman


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