America First: Attorney General Jeff Sessions Had Contact With Russians and Commits Perjury, Republicans Accuse Senator Warren of Acts that ‘Impugn’ Sessions

New headlines from Washington indicate that Attorney General Jeff Sessions allegedly had contact with Russian officials in the run-up to the 2017 elections.  Before Congress, Sessions purportedly said he had ‘no’ contact with Russians.  United States Elizabeth Warren took to social media to explain the implications:

Congressional Republicans seem to take issue with the actions of Warren, saying that she has committed acts which ‘impugn’ a colleague and therefore make her ineligible to talk at any more confirmation hearings. This would make the second time in two weeks that Republicans have tried to put the ‘female in her place’ using questionable stretches of reason and law, perhaps best summarized by Senator McConnell’s “Nevertheless, she persisted” quip referencing his dissatisfaction that she refused to sit in silence after he commanded she be quiet and stop trying to speak before Congress.

Senator Warren was trying to read a letter from Correta Scott King, the wife of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as a warning to all on why Sessions would not be qualified or should not be trusted to lead America’s legal efforts.

With all that said, the law McConnell invoked to silence Warren uses the word ‘impute’, not ‘impugn’. Furthermore, the words have different meanings.

Even with house Republicans invoking false meanings of laws, that is all smoke and mirrors to the main issue at hand. Did Sessions have contact with Russians and did Sessions he do this before the elections, a time he purportedly told Congress he had no talk with Russians.

If the answer is yes, then Warren’s concern is absolutely warranted. One can say she is trying to impute, impugn, sully, tarnish, or whatever other word Sessions, but the questions remains: what is the tie with Russia?

Any answer that is ‘there was no contact with Russia’ lends credence to a campaign that may have lead to a Russia first, American second attitude that would put tears on the eyes of President Ronald Reagan.

As an editor’s aside, it is also important to note that there are plenty of Russians who lived during the time of the Cold War. These are people who saw their nation go from the powerful Soviet Union, its mighty tanks and missile arsenals forcing American school children to hide under their desks during recurrent drills just in case there was a Soviet invasion.

Then, by a stroke of happenstance luck with geopolitical issues, weather, internal division between government agencies, overspending and US interference, the USSR’s economy tanked. Vladimir Putin, a KGB elite and business savvy politician, surely has not forgotten and it would be beyond shocking if there weren’t Russian plans to cause division in America.

Colluding to ensure the election of a politician who makes the heads of the vital US agencies places the most inept, anti-modern policy/agency people as the authority for those divisions seems to be fitting in something that would destroy the fabric of unit and progress for modern America.

It is not hard to imagine Correta Scott King would no sooner see Governor Wallace holding the office of presidency then she would want to see Sessions as the one who decides to become the chief defender of Civil Rights.

What do you think?

Written by Allison Coffman


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