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Donald Trump Brings American Freedom to Syria

President Donald Trump unleashed 59 tomahawk missiles upon the lands of Syria, so that the people there may be brought some freedom. For the first time since Barack Hussein Obama took office, the world once again was able to bask in the fiery glow of American freedom vis-a-vis application of the Bush Doctrine.

Here we see the American flag crisply flapping in the wind, the ethers of judgment blown from Donald Trump’s mouth as he ordered America’s troops to protect all those poor Syrians being terrorized by Assad and friends.

Democrats are clamoring to say Obama tried to do this in 2013, but was stymied by Congress and legislative process. But here we see President Trump is a true Republican as he puts protecting the life of the innocent of precedent or pompous red tape.

Analysts speculate it will only be a matter of weeks now that Syrians beg for a treaty, Assad flees or faces war crimes and the new Syria becomes a moral nation that follows everything America tells it to do.

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Written by Beaumont Cooper

Dedicated to spreading American values to an unsaved world. If you don't like that, America first so too bad!


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