United Airlines Overbooks Flight, Drag Passenger Off To Make Room For Crew

United Airlines has drawn the ire of airline passengers worldwide after images that show a passenger being forcibly dragged from a plane because United Airlines overbooked the flight and demanded he give up his seat.

[adinserter block=”1″]Fellow passengers began recording videos and taking pictures after United announced to all the already boarded and seated passengers that they overbooked the flight.  They then informed passengers that four people would need to volunteer to give up their seats.  When no one volunteered, United made the decision to hold a random lottery and select four people who would be forced to give up their seats for no fault of their own.

Then the unthinkable:  flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville became the grounds for one of the most egregious acts of poor customer service caught on tape.  United Airlines called law enforcement when a customer, who alleges he is a doctor who had to take the flight to get to sick patients who were waiting for him.  Whatever his story and whoever he was, it didn’t seem like United Airlines cared for the customer’s dignity:

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Written by Arethea Jackson


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