Confirmed: Trump Dropped the MOAB To Destroy Large Stockpiles of Weaponized Homosexual Chemtrails in Afghanistan

On April 13th, 2017, President Donald Trump unexpectedly dropped a 21,000 pound bomb — referred to as the Mother of All Bombs — in the outer reaches of Afghanistan.

[adinserter block=”3″]Details of the bombing remained in murky detail but new eyewitness reports confirm the worst sum of all fears: gays have been hiding out in deep caves in Afghanistan and pooling their vast wealth and mastery of chemistry, secretly manufacturing a new nuclear-irradiated homosexual chemtrail that could turn 80% the world’s straight-male population gay within one night.

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Analysts with the Christian Defense League of Texas called it a ‘Doomsday Scenario’ and confirmed through eyewitnesses that powerful gay overlords colluded with one another and formed a secretive enclave in the cavernous depths of Afghanistan.

According to eyewitnesses, unusually well-dressed scientists from various corners of the world suddenly started showing up in the Afghani region of Nangahar, landing in luxurious jets, jetting around in rugged desert ready sports cars and bribing the locals into silence with massive all-night benders fueled by unlimited supplies of hand-crafted opiates and 8-ball.

These parties allegedly took place in a large abandoned and forgotten chemical plant in rural Afghanistan.   Eyewitnesses report that the men identifying themselves as ‘UN scientists’ were all over 6-feet tall with chiseled chins and pearly white smiles, aloof if not brilliant, tightly muscled if not with endless energy, all confirmed trademarks of homosexuality.

But it was not until one frustrated local found a way to warn America after he noticed smoke emanating from the plant matched an aerosol spray that unknown assailants used to turn his brother gay that the conspiracy to launch a massive offensive against heterosexual genetics became known to Washington, DC.

“These superhuman gay scientists would pin down our locals, kicking and screaming to no avail against the gay scientist’s Olympian strength, then do weird experiments on them,” one teary-eyed local reported to authorities, recalling how his brother was ‘turned gay’ after several gay scientists emerged from a hovel in the sand, doused his brother’s face with a ‘harsh smelling, rainbow colored smoke’ from an aerosolized canister.

The local found a way to get his plea to the United States to investigate and hours later, President Donald Trump covertly bombed the structure seen in the image above.

The only footage of the strike is in sepia set in high contrast, but the old factory that was turned into a weaponized homosexual chemtrail facility can be seen in faint outline, not only confirming that gays have developed technology to deliver gender-splicing chemtrails at the nuclear level, but that they are so well organized that they can do this in secret and only have their plans foiled by a heroic local farmer who managed to save the largest cities on Earth from calamity.

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Written by Marion Uncmeier

Marion Uncmeier is a New-York based media personality and host of several adult educational programs.


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  1. Now for all of President Trump’s defectors, hopefully you will shush and trust our Commander in Chief. He just wiped out weapons of mass destruction gays were stockpiling and I just bet we’re going to have the North Koreans unleash.

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