Confirmed: Gays Are Infusing Marijuana With Homosexual Chemtrails to Turn Potheads Into Gay Love Slaves

Gays have used their advanced knowledge of genetics to create a new strain of marijuana that is addictive, succulent and delivers a payload of inhaled homosexual chemtrails that will make anyone who consumes it overwhelmed with homosexual desire.

[adinserter block=”3″]Anonymous sources within Colorado confirm gays are conspiring to turn America’s seedy marijuana-smoking population into the newest recruits into the homosexual movement.

Funded by secretive gay millionaires, throughout the nation various laboratories that specialize in growing this dangerous new marijuana are growing this new plant by the hectare and freely giving it out on the street.

The new plant — being called leafy rainbow kush on the street — is not grown in normal water, but instead gay chemists are going into gay nightclubs filled with men fueled by 8-ball and redbull, their grueling dance routines and leather culminating in tons of spent sweat pouring from their bodies. These chemists are allegedly gathering these sweats and mixing them with water, then using the mixture to water normal marijuana seeds.

Moles working for these laboratories confirm that once the seeds start budding, the air in their growing areas is filled with the smoke of homosexual chemtrails. Many people to do not realize that plants breathe in carbon dioxide and the homosexual chemtrail contains it, along with the gay cell-splicing enzyme EcoR1.

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Scientists associated with the Christian Defense League of Texas acquired several strains of the plant and assay revealed that through their techniques, gays have found a way to actually turn marijuana plants gay. The leaves literally drip with the same spent sweats of homosexuality that were gathered at nightclubs and infused into the seedlings. These gay plants instantly give anyone who smokes it overwhelming desires of homosexuality.

Victims of these plants usually become sweaty and virile, their pupils dilating as their writhing bodies arch like a cat in heat and can only be satiated once its lust for foreign male DNA is fulfilled.

The CDL of Texas is warning families to host meetings to warn about this new homosexual marijuana strain and the devastating effects it can have on the body. One Christian pastor who accidentally inhaled some of marijuana smoke while visiting Baylor confirms that he went into a trance where little was remembered, but is now in counseling because he started to feel ‘agnostic’ about his homosexuality after the experience.

[adinserter block=”16″]Named one of America’s foremost authority on homosexuality and how it is destroying American family, Marion also enjoys sailboating and catching shows in Williamsburg on the weekends.

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Written by Marion Uncmeier

Marion Uncmeier is a New-York based media personality and host of several adult educational programs.


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  1. Gay sweat? If you had any idea how stupid you sound. I am trained in genetics and you can’t splice or intigrat plant and animal cells in such a manner. You do this crap for the add money….so who is a threat here…us with gay pot (that still kills me) or you with lies?

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