If You’re A Powerfully White and Rich Man, Is It Okay To Gently Harass Women?

Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump are the latest victims of a liberal conspiracy to destroy gender roles by trying to make wildly successful men feel like it is unnatural to look upon females in their proxy with unsatisfied lust that can be easily quenched with a swift slap to her backside or request to undo a button.

During the 1920s, America was a weak nation with a paltry military and floundering economy. Women of the ‘Great Depression’ were dull and lifeless, graying hair blending into plain gray ragcloths that did nothing to inspire the eye.

[adinserter block=”3″]And while men of America’s olden days were tough and gritty, they were not inspired. They labored in mediocrity and as such, the world turned to a war of pent up angst and depression.

[adinserter block=”1″]When the smoke cleared, America stood strong with a realization that humanity needed to harken back to its roots — its primal instinct — to be great again. Women began to take pride in their appearance, committing their bodies to grueling workouts and applying makeup to inspire men to look upon them with satisfied eyes, all the while still keeping a clean house and a hearty table of food.

The days of the 1950s saw America reach its pinnacle of success because it was during that time women most strongly embraced their gender role, enabling men to become wildly successful.

Female secretaries of the time wore shirt skirts, always eagerly bending over a desk to expose toned legs and thighs to her male superiors.  A quick foray into the leisure lounge was not unheard of, where a more upfront encounter could take place if deemed necessary by her manager.

The 1950s lead to the 60s, 70s and 80s, where albeit women became more bossy and sassy in the workplace, there was still unhinged buttons and rumpus rompus’ on the the copy machine, so every cubicle could know Jenny from accounting’s backside and be inspired during the day.

These antics may seem sophomoric to the pretentious liberal elite, but the fact of the matter is that humans are creatures of attraction.  This is how God created mankind.  When men and women spend long days working together, there is just a natural lust and chemistry that develops and if it is not addressed it will lead to another Great Depression, the very economic turmoil that manifested itself again in the nanny-state Obama era.

Nature.  A look on the Discovery Channel will invariably show a scene from the wild, where a dominant big male lion struts through the prideland, boldly mounting females under his employ because that is just how nature works.  Such is the dynamic between males and females in the workplace.

Since people are civilized, a big forceful show such as mounting a subordinate is in poor taste.  A gentle tap on the backside, a simple comment about nice cleavage is not inappropriate, but actually rather a humble admission to human nature.  It is time for society to get off its high-horse and stop pretending that powerful or wealthy men should not give women what they want: constant attention from alpha-males.

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What do you think?

Written by Richard Patrick Petersen

Richard Patrick Petersen is a conservative Republican who believes it is time to Make America Great Again.


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