Sources: Trump Considered Firing ‘that Jesus Fella’ For Supporting Preexisting Conditions and Charitable Care for Needy

Only hours after firing FBI Director James Comey, President Donald Trump allegedly considered firing Christianity’s Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  As House Republicans must now wait to see if the American Healthcare Act, informally known as TrumpCare, can pass through the US Senate unscathed, there is a growing coalition of Americans who are offended that Republicans are gutting affordable healthcare coverage currently provided in the Affordable Care Act.

The ACA makes it such that insurance companies cannot profiteer off a person –including all children — who at some point must switch non-employer healthcare coverage but have litany common medical conditions.  The fact that policy premiums could reach as high as $27,000 for families if someone has a preexisting condition does not bother TrumpCare supporters, as the GOP officially put it:  ‘Nobody dies because they don’t have health care coverage’.

Sources report that during a closed door meeting, Trump and GOP lawmakers are upset that so many Americans — including Christians — feel entitled enough that they need healthcare coverage.  “It’s Jesus’ fault,” offered one lawmaker allegedly offered in the meeting.  “He goes and tells people to give all this money to the poor and give them health and then even goes and heals people for free, he didn’t even require a copay, that kind of socialist behavior just isn’t normal’.

Trump apparently quipped, “Let’s just fire that Jesus fella too.”  The Republicans shared a laugh and then passed the ACHA through the House, telling their constituents that no one dies without health care.

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Written by Patty Berger

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