It Does Not Matter If President Trump Commits Impeachable Offenses, Because the Republican ControlledCongress Will Not Impeach Him

This week Democrats are reeling in excitement because the Trump Administration committed a political faux-pas by leaking classified information to Russian diplomats and banning American news organizations from a related press conference, while allowing Russian media exclusive access.

These actions took place only days after fired attorney general Sally Yates gave a condemning report on General Flynn, who the Trump campaign allegedly knew was potentially compromised to the point of blackmail by the Russians. The pot was made into an even thicker stew with reports that Trump attempted to coerce then FBI Director Comey to pledge loyalty and stop his investigation into General Flynn.

There is now apparently even a Comey Memo that details how President Trump tried to get the FBI to essentially pledge its loyalty to the Trump Administration. When Comey refused, he was allegedly fired by Donald Trump.

Typically, all the actions of the Trump Administration would warrant Congressional outrage and calls for investigation. The GOP however is in control of Congress and there is a simple matter of fact: this Republican Congress will be happy to let President Donald Trump do whatever he wants.

If there were going to be investigations or moral outrage, it would have happened weeks ago. The Republican Congress has only one goal: capitalism. That means lining one’s coffers, rugged individualism, Religious Freedom and exploiting any loopholes that may be unethical, but legal. It’s the American way.

The American Way. That is something America has sorely missed through the years. In the year 1776, rag-tag US troops were outgunned, outtrained and outmatched by British redcoats. All seemed lost for ‘freedom’ for the 13 colonies until just like President Trump has perfected, a system of exploits were realized and used for an advantage.

American troops hid and did not fight conventionally. America exploited Britain’s rivalry with France, another enemy by any other name. America simply refused to play by the rules and ended up winning. Now, hundreds of years later, America is considered a winner the world over and the American way has made America the greatest nation of all time.

So Congress will continue to follow the American way, disregarding rules that are not convenient and changing the rules of the game for their own benefit. The American people who stand against this way of acting will be the new redcoats. They can go sip their Obamacare Tea and Crumpets, because the Trump Way will become the American Way because Congress will allow it to happen.

‘Children will go without health insurance and be left for dead, because we can save a few million a year by ripping away the guarantee of health insurance that provides a primary care doctor and access to expensive medications,’ will cry the liberals. Who cares? It is not about doing what is right, it is about doing what is profitable.

And if the Russians are willing to give you billions of dollars to

What do you think?

Written by Marion Uncmeier

Marion Uncmeier is a New-York based media personality and host of several adult educational programs.


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