People Are Eating Burger King Mac and Cheetos

The summer of 2017 continues to be a shocker for humanity.  While adult male men are harkening back to their childhood and buying rompers, long-time Burger Franchise is eschewing the modern fast food trend of ‘healthy’ foods and packing macaroni and cheese inside of grease laden Cheetos crumbs, all to the tune of 90s hit music video ‘Return of the Mac’.

The song itself may have been the first time millions of Americans realized that there were black people in England who were rapping as a profession, with skills so strong their songs could cross the ocean and fill American airwaves on MTV during the aftermath of America’s East/West coast rap era.  All that said, it is almost a safe bet that if you try to eat Burger King Mac and Cheetos a classic East-West shootout just may take place in your digestive system.

What do you think?

Written by Marion Uncmeier

Marion Uncmeier is a New-York based media personality and host of several adult educational programs.


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