Gay Pride Month, Known As Homosexual Recruitment Month in Gay Circles, Claims Heterosexuality of 49 Christian Men So Far

Gay Pride month, secretly called Homosexual Recruitment Month in gay circles, has turned into a pagan festival of sorts where gays come up with elaborate plans to convert and pin down people of heterosexual orientation.

All across the globe, gays are using their vast wealth and impeccable party planning skills to throw massive parades, all-night eight ball fueled benders and picnics at global parks and resorts to celebrate their 17th annual month where they show off their new technology, agenda and skillset used to destroy heterosexuality and usher in a new era of wanton carnality.

Gay Pride Month 2017 has been reported as one of the most brutal and savage for straight couples. The CDC estimates that since June 1st, there has been a 2% increase in homosexual acts and that upward of 49 men have contracted homosexuality.

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Dr. John Smith of the Christian Defense League of Texas attributes the drastic increase to minority recruiting and gays using their advanced mastery of science to turn burgeoning fields of genetic research against Christian men.

“Over the last year, gays have focused heavily on recruiting in the African-American and Latino community, in addition to their traditional focus on the Christian male,” reports Dr. Smith. “These efforts have snowballed and is causing all sorts of homosexuality to spread in urban centers and various churches.”

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Scientific analysis shows several new modalities of transmission of homosexuality and homosexual tendency are being deployed by most likely powerful gay illuminati. Moles within the gay community have revealed several of the biggest deployments this year and all are savagely effective at making men give in to lust for foreign DNA of the same gender.

Scientists with the CDC are warning Christian men and those of minority heritage to be on high alert. Gays will likely try to invite you to festive parties with promises of sunshine, expertly mixed cocktail drinks and late-night dance parties featuring the hottest hits. They will sneak onto social media and use the subliminal ‘gay pride’ reaction button to condition the brain think of the Pride Flag as a part of normal day life. They are lacing the next batch of wildlife, especially fire ants and beluga whales at Sea World, to unleash homosexual chemtrails on unsuspecting families.

The homosexual alert level has been reported as DANGER by the CDL of Texas and all men are being encouraged to use the buddy system this summer to avoid being sucked into a festive pride parade where they will enter fully clothed and with their wits, but fall out exhausted, muscles quivering and topped with sweat, their lust only being satiated by the sight and scent of other men.

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Written by Marion Uncmeier

Marion Uncmeier is a New-York based media personality and host of several adult educational programs.


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