Did The Gay Voting Bloc Conspire To Vote Trump Into Office To Increase Global Warming?

Gays are unleashing their mastery of physics to orchestrate a grassroots political conspiracy that spreads chemtrail-induced homosexuality via Charles’ Law of molecular air dynamics.

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Charles law states that at a constant pressure, the volume of a given mass of gas is directly proportional to its (absolute) temperature.  This means the hotter the Earth gets, the more volume air must expand and the faster air molecules will move within a confined space.  If the air molecules in question are homosexual chemtrails, this means that they will expand faster and more viciously, both in free air and within a straight man’s lungs.

The CDC reports that the global per capita homosexuality rate has increased 8.6% during 2017.  It is no coincidence that meteorologists with the Christian Defense League of Texas are even finding 2017 is on pace to be the hottest year in Earth’s last 6,000 years.

Before Obama’s era of liberal darkness, conservative circles did not take the gay voting block seriously.  But now, only within a decade, gays have shown their powerful ability to rally and organize themselves and others to a cause, resulting in the legalization of gay marriage and only a day ago gays won the right to adopt in all fifty states.

For gays, however, this is not enough.  It is written even in ancient Sumerian texts, ‘if you give a gay man an inch, he shall take a mile’.  Moles within the gay community report that three out of five heterosexual men in the United States have most likely been exposed to homosexual-inducing chemicals, typically in the form of chemtrails, tainted water or laced Halloween candies.

How Is the Trump Presidency Being Exploited By Gays To Increase Global Warming And Turn Straight Men Into Homosexuals?

A gay man’s love for exotic, warm temperatures is well-known:  lavish backside beachside parties where martini glasses are always filled with liquors and olives, rippling abs glistening with testosterone drenched sweats forgetting the meaning of the word shirt, tans earned by hardly clad bodies jetting around in the most expensive boats.

Gays want global warming and they are forcing Christians to take on Pascal’s wager:  if liberals are right and global warming exists, they win by having Trump in office and making the Earth hotter with his anti-liberal science laws.  If gays are wrong and global warming doesn’t exist, no big deal, they still have all their Obama-era rights.

[adinserter block=”2″]Since liberals such as Al Gore and President Obama declared global warming is one of the greatest threats to mankind, Donald Trump has no choice but to please the conservative voting base by denying global warming at all costs.

This means Trump must support anything that increases greenhouse gases, repunch holes in the ozone layer vis-a-vis CFCs, reignite the coal industry and reject anything like the Paris Climate Accords.

Gays know this and conspired to get Trump elected.  While it is true there is not 100% evidence that global warming exists, it is also true that molecules move faster and more viciously in warmer air.

Gays are dousing the air with homosexual chemtrails and are pushing conservatives to reject science that supports any concept that says pollution may increase global temperature.  This is allowing gay people to go hard for the next three years, and four if Trump is re-elected, to spread homosexuality at a global level.

This means that by the time President Trump is out of office, nearly all the Earth will be hot as a Sandals vacation beach resort and the gay population will be over 40%.

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What do you think?

Written by Marion Uncmeier

Marion Uncmeier is a New-York based media personality and host of several adult educational programs.


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