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Scientists Invent New Thermal Camera That Can Detect Secret Homosexuality

Secret homosexuality is rapidly spreading in suburban neighborhoods and represents a new threat to Christian heterosexual households.

New studies by the CDC reveal that for every four people, one has secret homosexuality.   This trend is confirmed by scientists working with the Christian Defense League of Texas, who warn families that secret gays are now present in all sectors of life:  work, school, athletic facilities, grocery markets and even schools.

[adinserter block=”3″]A new thermal imaging camera commissioned by the CDC of Texas can detect homosexuality being concealed by a man.  Spectral analysis of scans taken by the camera reveal that the majority of people are not being honest about their homosexuality.  These secret gays are able to lay in wait and prey on unsuspecting straight people, which is a likely cause of why so many people have contracted homosexuality in the last decade.

Ever since the Obama presidency, homosexuality has quietly spread more than most people realize.  Reports from local divorce courts are listing ‘1. Infidelity, Homosexuality’ as the data entry reason for divorce more and more.

[adinserter block=”3″]Sociologists report that gays are starting to revert to secretive homosexuality more and more.  In gay circles, ‘lurking’ is becoming more popular because it leaves heterosexuals ignorant and exposed to being groomed by gay men masquerading as innocent family friends.

Countless women have reported that they never suspected their husband’s golf buddies and bar-hopping friends were actually gay ‘until it was too late’.  One wife, speaking on the condition of anonymity, reveals how a gay man groomed her husband.

“He would always treat ‘Dan’ to free martinis at the local pub, always invite him to come golf with his corporate buddies.  I thought nothing of it until Dan and Steve went to play a ‘foursome’ at Pebble Beach.  I thought they were playing in a golf tournament, but only weeks later through a mutual friend on social media did I learn that the ‘foursome’ was the literal meaning’.”

The CDL of Texas reports that stories such as the one above are becoming more common.  Gays have grown very skilled with making themselves less boisterous and noticeable to heterosexuals, which is allowing them to blend back into social groups as they did during Bill Clinton’s radical ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policies of the 1990s.   By the time married Christian men realize they are being prodded into a lifestyle with lavish drinks, free exotic vacations and lovely gifts, they are enamored and wooed by gay men who balance the right amount of feminine charm, masterfully mixed drinks and brute sensuality to seduce them.

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Written by Marion Uncmeier

Marion Uncmeier is a New-York based media personality and host of several adult educational programs.


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