If You Are a Fabulously Rich Republican, Is It Time For Democrats To Let Bygones be Bygones for a Little Treason

So Donald Trump, Jr., may or may not have kind of colluded with the Russians to alter the outcome of a US presidential election. Sure, it does not look good on paper but in the grand scheme of things, American democracy is still running strong and little email accidents happen all the time.

We have all forgiven Hillary Clinton for using improper email servers and now it is time to extend that same courtesy of forgiveness to Donald Trump, Jr. Seriously, it is not like he was giving the Russians something absolutely horrible like our nuclear secrets or anything like that. It was just a little media mudslinging ammunition.

[adinserter block=”3″]It is time for Americans to stand in unity and call for a time of healing. Donald Trump, Jr., is a wealthy man of morality who had a slip-up. This is no different than college antics that get out of hand: a mild hazing a freshman joining a fraternity, a panty-raid on the sorority house, a run-in with public drunkeness, colluding with the Russians to alter the outcome of a presidential election.

It’s all in the same bucket. Let’s just move on and focus on more important things.

What do you think?

Written by Marion Uncmeier

Marion Uncmeier is a New-York based media personality and host of several adult educational programs.


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  1. What really gets me is they want us to forget about Benghazi, but then want to drag this little Trump, Jr., email issue on for hours on hours. Enough already! This is nothing but a witch hunt. Everyone was up in arms when that journalist called out Malia and Sasha Obama for wearing hooched skirts, but now why cannot the Trump children have the same courtesy of respect?

  2. The Democrats will just not stop trying to ruin this good family’s perfect image. Instead of trying to tear down the Trump family, Americans should be teaching their kids to look up to them. Who would not want to be billionaire business moguls in what is supposed to the the world’s model capitalist society? The Trumps are everything America should be and more. As the urbans say, ‘the haters are going to hate.’

  3. As a doctor I can tell you Donald Trump Jr. Suffers from affluenza. He’s been so rich all his life that things like conspiring with Russians to alter the election is no different than taking extra packets of ketchup from a burger stand. This is just all so minor in his mind and the public should reach out to support him, not tear him down. Thanks for covering this, Marion.

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