Republicans Vow To Take Another Swing At Knocking 22 Million Poor People Out Of Healthcare

With bat in hand, Donald Trump promised to take another swing at knocking 22 million poor American people off any access to primary healthcare.
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Obama put a thought into the public’s mind that all Americans should be able to go see a doctor and afford prescriptions necessary for them to stay alive.

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Angered by the nerve of poor people to accept this thought, President Trump and a portion of Congress sponsored a bill named the “American Health Care Act” to trick the lesser fodder Repubicans into thinking this act was patriotic, anti-Obama, and good, when instead it is crafted to help keep poor people in their place.

The new ACHA of Trump and Mcconnell was great. Poor people, be they snowflake liberals or gutter/rural Republicans, would lose any access to coverage, saving us a few bucks in taxes. Even better, Congress would be able to keep the very benefits being cut for all Americans provided by Obamacare, the price being they give those of us who invested in commercial health insurance coverages millions in kickbacks, a true win-win.

Liberals have convinced Republicans to turn against eact other because yes, thousands if not millions of Americans could potentially die without access to health care, but the important thing to remember is all the wealth and good health care for us wealthy means it will eventually trickle down to the poor. And we get to stick it to Obama.

Slugger Trump will try again to knock millions of American children and their parents out of the park of good health, and back into the ERs where they belong to wait suffering in poor health.

What do you think?

Written by Marion Uncmeier

Marion Uncmeier is a New-York based media personality and host of several adult educational programs.


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