Obama Implanting RFID Microchips Into Americans

Republican Finding Implantation Devices, commonly known as RFID or implanted microchips to the public, are being unleashed by Obama as part of his campaign to undermine democracy, hunt down Christians and cause liberal darkness.

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The chips work in two ways.  First, the chips are able to give off electronic bioimpulses in the body’s nervous system which can cause various changes to an individual’s thoughts and habits.  If Obama wants someone to be mind-controlled and complete an action, with just a command he can order his operatives to issue a command which can be delivered via Wi-Fi, cell phone networks and even land-lines.  This can result in US citizens suddenly committing random acts of violence, having paranoid thoughts about ‘Republican’ agendas, being caught committing unprecedented acts of homosexuality and all sorts of other bizarre behaviors.

According to moles with knowledge of Obama’s shadow government, Obama plans to secretly role out his phase two RFID chips in vital swing states with crucial per capita rates of Christian Republicans.  Eyewitnesses in rural Wisconsin report for the last two months, black vans have been spotted speeding down rural moonlit roads toward farms, where from the distance families could be seen being pushed into the van.  Checking on the families the next day had them acting normal, but with small incision marks on their necks.  Many of the families were reported to have ‘changed behaviors, such as speaking badly of speaker Paul Ryan or suddenly accepting that the parents of the home wanted to stop working and apblply for Obamacare, foodstamps and being gay marriage friendly.”

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Christian-friendly operatives implanted within Obama’s circle of confidence have also leaked some qualities of the generation two RFID devices.  Once in the body, they are able to bury themselves deep into muscle tissue and ‘blend in’, so they are not detectable to most CT, ultrasound or MRI technique.  The devices also contain a GPS-device synced with a transmission system that can take internal scans of the brain, which somehow can alert Obama to win a person has a ‘Christian’ or ‘Republican’ thought.

This allows Obama to know if he needs to transmit a stronger bioimpulse to recondition the person, or even worse, some reports state that Obama’s allies in China and North Korea are fine-tuning Christian-hunting androids that can blend in with humans, so that they can track down the ‘deviants’ and overpower them with their robotic strength.  The chips are already deployed in China, where all citizens are being forced to get the chips during vaccinations.  The robots are then easily able to find citizens emitting America-friendly thoughts and Christian behaviors, chasing them down and truly being the harbingers of Armageddon as warned about in prophesy.

The Christian Defense League of Texas is warning moral Americans to install home security systems and be on the lookout for Obama’s black vans circling your neighborhood at night.  If you start to notice any sudden bizarre behavior from friends or relatives, perhaps them liking a liberal-friendly Facebook post or outright saying they think President Trump is mentally unstable, when they voted for him in the first place, then immediately reach out for help.

It is also advised to use the buddy system when going out to shop the next few weeks, especially in rural areas, and to invest in a device that can deliver a crippling electromagnetic pulse should one of Obama’s Christian hunting robots come for you or your family.

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Written by Marion Uncmeier

Marion Uncmeier is a New-York based media personality and host of several adult educational programs.


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