The Man Who Had the Worst Start to 2019

Democrats take control of house, Pelosi elected speaker

As 2018 drew to a close, a man sought to do away with bad memories from the past and start 2019 on a high note. As the time struck midnight, Prince Charming puckered his lips and awaited the kiss from a lovely lady. The problem is that just like in 2018, she was not having that in 2019:

The narration by KevOnStage perfectly summarizes the video. The take-home lesson is that some years don’t start on a high note. Sometimes they start on a low note. Look at America’s politics right now: a low note. But just because some pucker lipped nonsense is going on in the White House or one’s love life, it doesn’t mean that come January 5th things may not turn around and start to look brighter.

What do you think?

Written by Patty Berger

Sharing a piece of my mind through comfort journalism.


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