After Coronavirus Crises Ends, US Must Legalize Marijuana to Save the Economy

Colorado legalized marijuana in 2014 and has since generated over $1 billion in tax revenue and over $6 billion in what is still a burgeoning industry.

With unemployment claims topping over 6 million today in the United States with the present coronavirus pandemic, the United States must start thinking ahead of what future jobs and industries can help restore the economy.

Things in the nation will never be the same.  We obviously have a faulty healthcare system and have thrown the lives of everyone, and therefore the economy, at the whims of market forces which is a purely stupid thing to do.  While we recover from the pandemic, we must say how can we learn and grow.

The answer to this, in part, is to grow a marijuana industry in the United States that starts with Washington DC legalizing marijuana and decriminalizing its sale and distribution through a regulated industry.

Colorado, a Midwestern Biblebelt tate, is a perfect example of how this can be done.  Those who sale and distribute marijuana should be just as respected as those who sale and distribute any other good or service.  Regulation should be put in place to protect consumers.  Government subsidy should be given to small ‘mom and pops’, likely some of the very people who currently risk federal and state charges for their activity.  Let these people flourish, let them grow.

Let farmers add a new crop to their expertise.  Marijuana, namely CBD and THC, have already shown usage in other industries, from addititves in food products, health and beauty creams, antistress and antt-inflammatory product to food and candy additives.  The usage of marijuana and derivative products can open the US to billions of more dollars in revenue per year, open up countless industry and see the birth of a new market.

In the wake of the coronavirus, with the global economy in shatters and the overall stress of the US populace at an all time high, there would be no better time than to do like our forefathers did when they legalized alcohol and created entirely new markets.  Not a lot of people drive around in fedoras and doing their best gun-toting Al Capone impersonations now that alcohol is legalized.  The same will be true for legalized marijuana.  The ‘dealers’ of today can enjoy doing what they do in a protected industry, with the responsibility of the public to use the new products responsibly and the government’s job to be consumer safety.

With federal mandates and the US also being able to export a US made product in marijuana, the country could stand to make much needed billions per year in tax revenue and many more billions per year to be distributed in local economies.  

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Written by Scott Deezer

Scott Deezer is a contributing writer to Only in American and an avid day trader and musician in his spare time.


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